Recently I was offered a free teeth-whitening treatment from the lovely (and I do mean that) team at Starbright Dental. Firstly let me say that Dr. Janette Lamb is probably the most beautifully natured dentist you could possibly imagine. I am genuine when I say that Starbright really does make teeth whitening in one hour, a positive experience.

I’ve got those trays you put teeth whitening gel into at home and my teeth were an ok colour, but seeing as my wedding is coming up (in October), I thought what the heck lets get them to their very best!

I had a friend who had her teeth laser whitened a little while ago and the only feedback I’d received is that the process was painful! So I went in apprehensive…

Phillips Zoom in chair teeth whitening promises brighter teeth in just 1 hour. This is #true. In fact within the first 15 mins of treatment I was in awe of the results.

Teeth whitening experience

In the chair – Surprisingly comfortable, despite how it looks.

So a little about the procedure; you are supposed to have four sessions of 15mins under the light. As my teeth were already white and I just wanted them brighter, I was told three rounds of 15mins would be plenty. I was also instructed that ‘if I felt any sensitivity or pain I was to let them know’.

Treatment began and I put my focus on waiting for the pain (although the flat screen TV mounted to the roof was a distraction). I waited, and waited, the first 15mins passed, I was given a quick break and shown the progress, back under I went, I waited… ok long story short, no pain!

The treatment ended, my teeth were SO beautiful and bright and I thought to myself, this was bloody worth it! My confidence felt better, my smile more special and I just kept thinking with glee, wedding photos!

I was instructed to go home and immediately put a pain relief gel into my trays and leave it on my teeth for at least an hour. (Cough) This is where the story gets interesting for me… and probably amusing for you –

On the drive home every time I pulled up at a red light I kept looking at my smile in the mirror, because it was just SO IMPRESSIVE! I called my boyf and organised to take the dog for a walk at the beach. I couldn’t wait for him to see my new smile. I thought ‘I don’t need to put that gel in, I’ve got no pain! Lets go play’!

Teeth Driving Home

Driving home from the Dentist – taking a selfie in the carpark before leaving. So happy with my white, bright smile! (Yes I have three surfboards in my car).

All was dandy until about 9pm, when I got into bed, lay back and had the first electric bolt shoot up from my tooth into my gums. A chain reaction started through my mouth. It was like tooth by tooth they were all joinging a rave party. ‘What the hell’, I thought to myself, ‘ok now maybe I should put that pain relief gel into a tray and into my mouth ’ I ran to the bathroom.

It was too late. Even opening my mouth to say to Ryan ‘babe my teeth hurt’ was painful. It’s like if any air touched my teeth the lightening bolts and teeth zaps would go off!

I had to get up about four times throughout the night to take panadol. I think I took 8 in total! By morning it had eased somewhat and I went to work. My teeth were still sensitive the next day and I couldn’t eat hot or cold food and the thought of brushing them was enough to make me break out in a cold sweat!

Would I have experienced this pain if I had listened to the Dentist’s instructions??? I honestly can’t answer that, but and educated guess is that possibly my pain rating could have been a 3/10 as opposed to the 9/10 I experienced! I should have followed their instructions and put the teeth gel in immediately for an hour following the treatment (rather than going to the beach!).

Would I do the treatment again despite this? Well for a special event like a wedding, a formal, the Loggies (I wish), absa-bloody-lutely! Hey, we all know the saying ‘beauty is pain’.

Now for the sell – In 45 minutes Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades. It’s been featured on shows such as Extreme Makeover, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, E! and Tyra Banks is one of many recognizable ambassadors.

NOW for LUNCH WITH LIZ readers @phillipsZoom is offering a MASSIVE DISCOUNT of $200 when you mention this story! #PhillipsZoom, #8shadeswhiter #teethwhitening. Contact details for Starbright below.

Exam Clean and Fluoride Treatment New Patient Special offer $90

Zoom in chair Teeth Whitening $450

Starbright Dental 8 Tweed Street, Southport QLD 4215,
p: (07) 5591 3620

Before you go have a laugh at this selfie I sent mid-afternoon, little did i know…

Teeth Snapchat

Snap Chatting friends – bragging on my way home. ‘Pain free’ Ohhhh silly girl I am!

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