A little tip on health and eating – Rotating what I eat works for me.

I have not studied nutrition and I’m no specialist! But I can share with you what works for me. After years of trial and error, yo-yoing weight and suffering from intolerances, I seem to finally know what works in favour of my body type and personality!

The number one tip I can give is be aware, be mindful and recognise how your body ‘reacts’ after you’ve eaten different foods.

It’s so true that when you eat the right foods for you, your brain functions better, you’re happier, you feel stronger and you have more energy.

About five years ago I was diagnosed with intolerance to whey protein and almonds. This changed my life! I was going through a stage where I was feeling bloated and retaining weight and no matter how much exercise I did, I just couldn’t shift it! I finally followed a friend’s advice and visited naturopath Katrina Ellis, who sent me for a blood intolerance test.

Looking at my blood it was full of antihistamines and quite clearly reacting to something. Katrina explained that if I was eating foods that I was intolerant to, it would be setting off antihistamines to fight the inflammation in my bowel. So rather than my body putting it’s energy into processing my food, it was busy fighting inflammation and trying to heal my gut!

For me intolerance felt like I had eaten way to much. It felt like my tummy was kind of stretching from the inside out, like a bomb had gone off inside. I’d feel sluggish and bloated and find working out really hard. I wouldn’t go to the toilet for days and I’d get really backed up.

My intolerance test came back a 9 out of 10 to Almonds (which I had been eating a lot of as I was trying to be healthy and loose weight!). There were some other inflammatory foods that were listed such as dairy and eggs, but Katrina said that as I was already in a state of inflammation if I cut out almonds and whey protein and healed my gut I could reintroduce these minor reaction foods back in with no problems.

My trainer Natasha recommended a rotation diet to assist this, and I have LOVED the results of eating this way ever since. I love food and I just don’t have the discipline, time, or cooking skills to stick to something like being Paleo (another good option for those that suffer inflammation of the bowels).

Many of us are in the pattern of having the same thing for breakfast everyday. I used to have muesli and yogurt daily! If there’s something reactive in this meal you don’t give your body a break from it and in fact you can start to build an intolerance to it as your body recognizes and reacts.

For me what works best is rotating my food groups. Rotating colours, eating everything in moderation and with balance. I change the foods I eat every 24 hours. That way you’re never giving you body the chance to build up against anything – you give it a break from what it doesn’t like.

The below is an example of what I would eat for breakfast one day, and then how I would change it up the next.

Day one – Scrambled eggs, on spinach & basil from my herb garden. Chili sauce. Sprouts, cherry tomatos and capsicum. Half an apple, half an orange & half a small red pawpaw with lemon juice.

Day one – Scrambled eggs, on spinach & basil from my herb garden. Chili sauce. Sprouts, cherry tomatos and capsicum. Half an apple, half an orange & half a small red pawpaw with lemon juice.


Day two – wholegrain porridge cooked in half a cup of coconut milk, honey blueberries, raspberries, banana and a good spoonful of sheep’s milk yogurt, chia seeds.



ENJOY YOUR FOOD! Think about the wonderful effect it’s having on your energy, skin, hair, nails and all over wellness! Rotate your food, pay attention to how you feel after eating certain things and be at your best! Then the occasional cheeseburger won’t hurt 😉

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