Whale Watching, Hervey Bay

Whale Watching, Hervey Bay

If you’ve been thinking about catching a glimpse of the whales before the end of the season, well you have just over two months to go! The Tasman Venture in Hervey Bay is one hell of an option!

I’m obsessed with these majestic animals and have spent many weekends watching them from the lighthouse of Byron Bay north to Noosa National Park. While the headlands such as North Point Morton are fantastic for watching them cruise up the whale highway, if you’ve haven’t watched from a boat before, well then this is a must do.

I’ve been whale watching in Kaikoura New Zealand and back home on both the Gold and Sunshine Coast’s. Recently however I was lucky enough to experience Hervey Bay for Queensland Weekender… and boy was I in for a surprise.

When you head out on the Gold and Sunshine Coast, you’re mostly glimpsing migrating whales. Whales on a mission! A collection of incredible quick glimpses at whales of all sizes and you often find your boat chasing breaches.

Hervey Bay is a different experience to this. It’s where the ‘teenage’ males come to hang out! Here they wait for the ‘adults’ to return from their journey up north.

On the Tasman Venture the whales we saw were slightly smaller than what I’ve seen out in the open ocean. But, we got to spend quality time with them! They weren’t in a hurry, they weren’t diving deep, they were hanging out in the bay, happy enough for us to tag alongside them.

The highlight was when the two whales we had spent most of the afternoon with, were joined by a random youngster who was very excited to find some friends. He was communicating with tale slaps and belly rolls and really trying to show them he was worthy of being included in their gang. They let him follow for a little while… before they picked up speed and left the lone whale to find another group of friends.

It was a personal experience up close and thrilling to experience. To top things off on our journey home – we got to watch the sunset over the ocean. How many places in Queensland can you do that?

Watch: https://vimeo.com/138587389 on Queensland Weekender, Saturday 5:30pm Channel 7

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