JODI GORDON, Model & Actress

JODI GORDON, Model & Actress

Sitting down, enjoying lunch with Jodi is an absolute pleasure.  It’s been a transition from soap star to fashion icon, for the Mackay girl, who in her first ever audition landed the role of Martha on Home & Away. Now residing in Sydney with husband (former NRL Rooster’s player Braith Anasta) the Logie winner is back on the audition circuit, after recently becoming a mother to daughter Aleeia. Her ambassador roles with Myer, the Spring Racing Carnival and Fujifilm’s Christmas campaign, all keep the 30-year-old busy. She squeezed in Lunch With Liz while recently endorsing Indooroopilly Shopping Centre’s Chase The Sun Fashion Showcase.

Lunch with Jodi Anasta

Lunch with Jodi Anasta

Where we went: Nantucket, Brisbane.
What we ate: Warm spinach, artichoke and cheese dip, house made flat bread – $14, Pan seared Hervey Bay scallops, Sauce vierge and black beans – $22
What we sipped: Hard Ice Tea Cape Cod Summer Punch – $14, Mineral Water with fresh lime.
Jodi wore: Dress  Cue, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. Shoes  Kurt Geiger
Liz wore: Dress  Shona Joy, Shoes  Tony Bianco

Do you identify more with actress, model, mum, wife or style icon?
“Nooo to style icon no no! Wife! Wife, mum and Australian actress! I get really embarrassed when people refer to me as a style icon, I’m just like every girl and I think every woman is a style icon in their own way. It’s just how you wear fashion and embrace trends. I am definitely given a helping hand because Myer has so many great designers to wear! I do take these recent comments referring to me as a style icon as a compliment though!”

As a model mum, how much does fashion play a part in your and Aleeia’s lives?
“A lot. As my mum did when I was growing up, I lay Aleeias outfits out the night before, which my mum did for me every night when I was growing up, whether it was my school uniform, or my Saturday Sunday outfit, she would have it all prepared, rain hail or shine. So even if Braith baths her in the morning, he knows what she’s wearing. And no, it’s not coordinated to what I am wearing! My dressing is time driven, which I think any mum would appreciate! My go-to weekdays outfit is leggings with a turtleneck for winter or work out wear for summer! My husband tells me if something’s not working so I don’t have to worry about that!”

What do you think your fashion choices say about you?
“What you wear can definitely define or project a certain image, so it’s quite funny when I think about day-to-day running around with Aleeia when I’m literally in my sweatpants and joggers and a hat! So when I get the opportunity to dress up I try to push it, really embrace fashion and have as much fun with it as I can, which I encourage every woman to do, it’s fashion, it’s fun, we should be having fun with it! Sometimes my message may read that I am having too much fun … but I always think if only they knew I have been in my sweats the past week!”

Flashback to winning your first Logie for best new female talent. Did you experience any growth or personal change during this time?
“Oh my gosh in Toni Maticevski, oh my god I will never forget that moment! But seriously there was a huge personal change during that experience because at the time I had huge personal things going on. My partner was in hospital with Leukemia, so that was a moment in my life I will never ever forget, being on that stage accepting that award, when it felt like everything around me was crumbling. A little pick me up from life when everything was going wrong. Bitter sweet. You grow strength. And did I mention it was a moment I was wearing Maticevski? He let me wear his label for the first time, I’ve been besotted with him from day one!”

How about becoming a mum? What changes did you experience?
“It’s funny because everyone says ‘oh your whole life changes and you can’t quite grasp what they mean until it actually takes place. It’s more your thought process, you’ve got to think in a different kind of way to how you used to; a less selfish way. It really does suddenly become all about someone else. Even your relationship, it’s all about this little person and what you can give them.”

You look incredible – what’s you health, fitness & beauty regime like?
“My go to make up look is bronzed, contoured and away we go. We’ve just moved to Coogee so my health and fitness is a lot of incidental movement, going to the beach, walking the hills. Braith goes to the gym and does weights but for me it’s more about keeping fit through cardio and just moving all the time. It’s funny I love my food but I find people don’t always believe me… until I start eating a cheeseburger and chips in front of them. But I am a believer in everything in moderation. I do have a terrible sweet tooth, I take band-aids and lollies to the spring racing carnival, lollies get me through the day. One o’clock it is! My treats are a Moussaka, Lasagne or Spag bol every now and then!”

What’s it been like auditioning for films?
“It’s funny once you’re on a show for such a long time you become really confident. So stepping back into an audition room has been really nerve-racking and daunting. Yesterday I had to audition for a really rough character and appropriately I had to get changed in my car out of a spring racing outfit and into a really run down number. I thought well this is getting me in character. Changing in the back seat of a car. Not glamorous at all! I’m enjoying interpreting new characters again. There’s some great work around but it has to be the right film, if I’m going to spend time away from my family, I do look for things that are going to fit in with our lives.”

If you could give a sincere piece of advice to a young girl wanting to be in the industry, what would it be?
“Follow your instincts.”

Your tips for a healthy marriage, especially from the point of view of being a celebrity couple?
“You do not want marriage advice from me! Oh gosh haha! It’s just balance. Especially when you go from a two to being a three. You come together again in a different way, but I don’t really have any advice other than day by day!”

Kara’s Question *note to reader Kara is my adult best friend (not a child) who gets to ask each week’s celebrity one question. How do you get your hair to be so shiny? “This one’s for you Kara … I get salon treatments! Moroccan oil treatments are good.”


Warm spinach, artichoke and cheese dip house made flat bread

Warm spinach, artichoke and cheese dip house made flat bread


Pan seared Hervey Bay scallops, Sauce vierge and black beans

Pan seared Hervey Bay scallops, sauce vierge and black beans

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