ONE WYBELENNA, Brisbane’s newest Boutique Day Spa

ONE WYBELENNA, Brisbane’s newest Boutique Day Spa

One Wybelenna is a boutique luxury Day Spa set in a lovely expansive property in Brookfield, suburban Brisbane. A couples retreat, the perfect venue to spoil a friend, host a hens party, or escape for some ‘me time’. What really strikes you when you first arrive, is the architecture of this incredible property. As soon as you walk through the doors, you’re transported into wide-open ‘breathable’ luxurious spaces. Treated to some relaxing time by the pool, before a massage and facial, Lunch with Liz enjoyed a chat to owner Heather Sartain, over a fruit platter and cleansing herbal tea.


WHERE WE WENT: One Wybelenna, Day Spa, Brookfield, Brisbane
WHAT WE ATE: A light fruit plate and herbal tea, following treatment.
WHAT WE SIPPED: T2 Lemongrass and Ginger tea.
WHAT HEATHER WORE: Scanlan and Theodore top, ALC striped knit skirt and Stuart Weitzmann wedge shoes
WHAT LIZ WORE: Auguste jumpsuit 

Tell me a bit about your business, how you came up with the idea and brought the concept to reality?
“The business concept emerged out of the opportunity I had to totally redevelop the two acre property, re-designing and re-building from scratch using bluestone and timber and embracing the open spaces and tranquility. This was a labour of love and towards its completion I saw the moment was right to integrate the beautiful redevelopment with my lifetime passion for health and wellness, through the opening of a holistic day spa. Transforming the use of the property from residential to commercial was a bit more tricky and drawn-out than we had originally anticipated, but I am now very pleased to open the doors as a full day spa compared to the home-based business I opened softly in April. One Wybelenna’s professional therapists are trained in the specific practical philosophies of Germaine de Capuccini and Subtle Energies range of Ayurvedic Aromatherapy products. A deluxe chocolate scrub with Ancient Thai Pinda balance body treatment, the Crystal and Pearl Elixir for face and body, the youthful skin, Blissful Body ritual, and Padabhyang Indian foot and leg massage are just a few of the sublime treatments and men are catered for with a range of specially designed offerings including the multi vitamin detox facial and blissful marma massage. We also run packages with catered lunch.”

Any memorable milestones since your launch?
“I loved having my daughter Fiona work with me in the project stage. Formal development approval was an exciting milestone, which allowed us to make the final transition to the full spa opening on September 15 this year.”

What was the toughest part?
“Finding the right team of people to make the vision become a reality can be challenging. The success of One Wybelenna was immediate, as I had hoped, however it was important for me to be patient in the employment of the right therapists and for me, ‘letting go’ enough to allow others to assist was a challenge. Building a business is a team effort towards a common goal.”

What’s the best business advice you’ve been given?
“Clearly and consistently express your vision for the business and stay true to you values.”

Tell me a bit about your background in wellness and natural medicine? You’re a yoga instructor?
“Yes and I originally studied as a registered nurse, working in Intensive Care Units in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Mt. Isa. I have had a keen interest in holistic health since living and working as an RN in London in the 80’s and commenced studying on my return to Brisbane in the mid 80’s. As life would have it, it was a stop-start relationship with my studies, as I had made the decision to support my husband in his career. This meant that we moved far and wide and frequently. I have studied various aspects of natural medicine, natural therapies, Reiki, nutrition and more recently yoga and Ayurveda.”

How much thought do you give to food and drink?
“I am very mindful of my food choices, as I have had food intolerances as long as I can remember; back to my childhood before food intolerances were spoken of. I like to eat clean natural foods, fresh fruit and vegetables. I enjoy meat a couple of times a week, but find that I tolerate it less as I get older. Sometimes I slip when in a tricky situation and I pay for it for a few days afterwards! I still however do enjoy a glass of wine.”

When you feel your best, what preparation have you done?
“Lemon juice in water in the morning stimulates my digestive system, preparing me for the day. Ideally I like to then do a meditation and yoga session on my balcony. Being organised with shopping and food preparation is important to allow me to eat properly for the week ahead.”

Is there a sentence mantra or quote that inspires confidence in you?
“I choose to repeat a mantra from the Metta Bhavana meditations (of loving kindness and compassion) at work , in the car, at bedtime… It relates not only to oneself, it can be recited and directed towards others.”
“May I be happy
May I be healthy
May I be filled with deep compassion
May I be at peace”

What’s your top beauty secret, other than the beautiful Ayurveda Aromatherapy products you use in the spa?
“Self nourishment; of body, mind and spirit. It is the food we eat, the air we breathe, water, love and laughter, exercise and sleep and our thoughts that help us be who we are.”

Kara’s Question. *note to reader Kara is my adult best friend (not a child) who gets to ask each week’s celebrity one question Are you in a relationship?
“I am, married to my soul mate for 28 years now! We met and then married in Mount Isa, where we were both working at the time.”

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