OPEN YOUR EYES, get involved

OPEN YOUR EYES, get involved

It’s not ok for one more woman to be killed by their partner. Lets stop this in #2016 ‪#‎openyoureyes‬ to domestic violence and share the campaign online.


It’s ok, it’s acceptable and it’s not dramatic to speak up. It’s not ok to suffer any kind of abuse, or overly dominate behaviour, physical or mental. Abuse is control, blatant disrespect and hurtful words. Open your eyes and look out for warning signs in our community.

Today you can join me in creating awareness for the need for it to be OK to reach out for help in our community.

#OPENYOUREYES is a fundraising and awareness campaign to support survivors of domestic violence. Domestic violence affects one in three Australian women and one woman dies at the hands of a current or former partner every week. It is a widespread issue affecting all parts of society, with many victims hiding the abuse.

Help those needing shelter, an escape or recovery by donating at and follow & tag with your #openyoureyes posts.

Every cent donated goes to the cause, with no need to purchase product on RY. There is a straight donation page. VISIT:


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