Current Ambassadorships

Liz values long term relationships with brands she believes in. After 8 years as a brand ambassador for Suzuki in 2021, Liz moves to Isuzu UTE Australia with hopes to continue representing a motor vehicle company that enables a great lifestyle for growing families. Liz is happy to discuss collaborating with your brand to place it front and centre of her following.

Isuzu UTE x Liz Cantor

Liz became a brand ambassador for Isuzu UTE in 2021 and is the spokesperson and face of their MU-X- “Go Your Own Way”.

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Abi and Joseph x Liz Cantor

Liz has fronted TVC’s for the brand in 2020 and 2021

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Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation

Liz sits on the board of the Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation. With ownership of two racehorses Liz is passionate about the care of Thoroughbreds post racing.

Liz Cantor As Seen on YouTube

KnockDown Rebuild Series:
Episode 1 - The Search

Liz and Ryan begin their exciting new home journey with Metricon - deciding to knockdown and rebuild. Get acquainted with Liz and her family and get a glimpse of their new property during the pre-site inspection

KnockDown Rebuild Series:
Episode 2 - Choosing the perfect home

Our favourite duo head into a Metricon display to pick out their dream home. Find out which design they chose and what kind of features they were after in their Surfer's Paradise abode

KnockDown Rebuild Series:
Episode 3 - Making section at Studio M

Liz and Ryan head into Metricon's Selections Centre, Studio M. See which fixtures, fittings and colour schemes the couple picked out for their home... and which ones they didn't agree on!

KnockDown Rebuild Series:Episode 4 - Metricon give Liz and Ryan advice

Will the price come in right? The unknowns in Building Contracts. Metricon give Liz and Ryan advice on permits and Council approvals. Getting a timeline in place. Signing the dotted line.

KnockDown Rebuild Series:
Episode 5 - Liz and Ryan engage WIPEOUT DEMOLITION

It's demolition day. Liz and Ryan engage WIPEOUT DEMOLITION to remove their old home. What can go wrong.On selling any extras. Everything you need to know about leaving your building site clean.

KnockDown Rebuild Series:
Episode 6 - Meet our Supervisor Adam

Meet our Supervisor Adam.Building Support Coordinator. What’s happening on the work site.

KnockDown Rebuild Series:

SLAB GOES DOWN. FRAME GOES UP. THE WEATHER TAKES A TURN FOR THE WORSE. Construction timeline.The building experience. A walk through post record breaking flooding rain.

KnockDown Rebuild Series:
Episode 8 - COVID HITS. Ryan is in isolation.

LOCK UP STAGE - Dreams becoming a reality. Meet the tradies. PLASTER IN.FIT OUT.Walk though.

KnockDown Rebuild Series:
Episode 9 - Despite Covid Liz and Ryan have reached enclosed stage

We meet Jaz from THREE BALLS RED to discuss exterior tiles and Jay from JSW Landscape to walk through Landscaping and pool plans.

KnockDown Rebuild Series:
Episode 10 - PC DAY then HANDOVER DAY!!!!

Join Liz Ryan Kit Fin and Bear as they move in and make the home their own. The new home is everything Liz and Ryan imagined.

Past Ambassadorships